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Fresh International Film Festival Programme 2021
2021 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the three categories Junior winners  Ireland’s Junior Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021: Behy National School, Mayo – The Heist Before Christmas 2nd Place: James Morgan, Dublin –  What to Wear?! 3rd Place: Corpus Christi Primary School, Limerick – High Hopes HC Original Song: Cappabue National School, Cork – We […]

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Fresh Film encourages young Filmmakers and Empowers them as artists

Fresh Film runs programmes throughout the year under five headings; Fresh Events, Fresh Education, Fresh International, Fresh Production and Fresh International Film Festival featuring Ireland’s Young Filmmaker Awards. 

Fresh Film encourages young people to make films and empowers them as artists.

Make. Watch. Share. Inspire

Submission deadline for Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year extended to Feb 4

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Celebrating Young film makers

Hothouse Programme
"I liked the process of giving drafts of scripts or cuts of the edit to a “funder” for feedback. Having a budget was also a great help and allowed me to increase the production value of the film compared to other films I’ve made before, and helped me to develop budgeting skills and think more clearly about how money is spent during production of a film."
Cruinniú na nÓg Programme
"I love all aspects of the film experience. Particularly the practical skills that we developed such as using cameras, mics, lighting and editing. Also the social aspect of collaborating with like minded young people."
"Fresh Film is a superb help to me as I embark on what is a new journey/module for TY"
Secondary Teacher
"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop... Events like this are a real treat for the children and a great learning experience."
Primary Teacher
Young Filmmakers Day
"What I found very interesting was how every masterclass was done different to the other, and how I learned things I didn't know before."
Young Filmmaker
Young Filmmakers Day
"The day was very insightful and informative so thank you again."
Young Filmmaker

Engaging film programmes

Annual Showcase

Annual Showcase

How would you start to make a film? How do you get ideas? Watch the award winning films from Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021 and hear tips and thoughts from the young filmmakers themselves. Hosted by Clare Dunne, this  45 minute showcase is a great way to get ideas for your next film. Available here Our thanks to the young filmmakers, the leader, the Arts Council and the IFI for their support to make this programme


Are you thinking of working in film but are unsure of what you can do on set? This series of short introductions to working in film is for you. Each segment highlights a role on a film crew. Keep an eye on our social media for the posts. The full programme will be available through IFI’s Careers in Screen.
IFI Careers in Screen

IFI Careers in Screen

Are you aged 15 -18 and interested in a career in Film? If so, the IFI Careers in Screen is for you. For information and workshops and to check out your options see .
Young Programmer

Young Programmer

Join Fresh Film, The Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival and UL’s Festive Arts team to learn about creating film events and host one in your school. Ideal for TY students who would like to earn a certificate in film programming. First webinar on 30th November, for more information email Fresh Film.
Fresh Screens

Fresh Screens

Fresh is delighted to work with RTÉ, Ireland’s National Broadcaster, to present a collection of award winning and mentored films to wider audiences. The 10 films produced by young filmmakers represent excellence in film made by young people in Ireland, UK and Poland. Visit RTÉ Player to see the films.

our social media posts

Up next in our ‘In Focus’ videos is Editor! Enjoy!

Ever wondered what exactly a ‘gaffer’ does on a film set? Fresh Film in association with IFI education are delighted to present ‘In Focus’ a series of videos focusing on all the different roles on a film set! First up is Wardrobe Assistant #freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear @artscouncilireland @screenireland @irishfilminstitute

A first for Fresh and young filmmakers! FOMO by Kevin Meggs and Max Hendrickson has won THREE Awards in one week!
A-FilmTeensFestival, Prague @afilmteensfest
FOMO awarded the first prize in the category 3C – animated movies from 15-17 years

Camera Zizanio, Greece
FOMO and Wendigo won|shared the 1st Award in the B' Category 13- 16 years old

The International Children's Film Festival "Oqros Pepela" ("Golden Butterfly"), Georgia
Best Film – The Grand Prize – “Fomo” (Ireland)

Congratulations we are super proud!

If you want to see how Max and Kevin collaborated check out the ‘fusing animation with live action’ link in bio #freshfilm #internationalyoungfilmmakersaward #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #freshfilm22

This year’s virtual Reel Exchange brought together young filmmakers from across Europe. Young filmmakers from Croatia, Greece and Ireland came together to write, shoot and edit. All filmmaking groups shared their experience of island life.
Reel exchange is Fresh’s annual international exchange programme.
A big thank you to the three groups Fís na hÓige, Kerry, Kythera Cinema Club, Greece and Filmska Skupina Mali Lošinjj, Croatia
#freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #internationalfilmfestival #irishfilm #screenireland

Next up in our ‘In Focus’ series is ‘Hair and Makeup’

Ever wondered what exactly a ‘gaffer’ does on a film set? Fresh Film in association with IFI education are delighted to present ‘In Focus’ a series of videos focusing on all the different roles on a film set! #freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear

So excited to share this with you! Fresh Film’s National Showcase

This Annual Showcase is created to inspire you to make a film. Watch award winning films from Ireland's Young Filmmakers of the Year 2021 and hear tips and thoughts from the young filmmakers themselves.
Introduced by award winning director/writer/actress @clare.dunnebear! the showcase is a great way to get ideas for your next film or first film!
Available through the IRish Film Institute Careers👉link in bio @artscouncilireland @irishfilminstitute #freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #youthfilm #youngfilmmakers #irishfilm

'In Focus' interviews coming soon.

And all good festivals must come to a close. Thank you to our hosts @nuff.2021 and our @youth_cinema_network colleagues for organising a great conference. We are missing the snow already! Some very exciting things to come #newcolaboration #freshfilm #internationalyoungfilmmakers #youthfilm

Our final Hothouse film to feature is from animated film ‘Celine’ directed by Gabi Bania
"Celine" tells the story of a teenage girl with a physical disability who starts high school during the pandemic. The online classes she participates in allow her to hide her disability from her classmates, for fear of being rejected by them if she reveals her secret. The animation does not only convey a message of social acceptance and friendship, but also shows that the current difficult pandemic situation can also bring positive results.
Gabi is a young animator from Poland, we first discovered Gabi’s work as part of our International competition. To watch Celine and all the other films featured go to the RTE player ‘Fresh Screens’
#freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #polishfilm #youthfilm #rte @rteplayer @artscouncilireland @creativeireland @screenireland

Next Up is the youngest of out Hothousers! ‘Critical 5’ directed by Ben de Barra is set in the dangerous world of Dungeons and Dragons, the film tells the story of 16 year old Sam who plays Dungeons and Dragons every week with her friends George, Luca, Josh and Leo. However everything goes awry when they run into some criminals who kidnap their Dungeon Master. Want to see more? Go to RTE Player under ‘Fresh Screens’ #freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #rte #youthfilm #dungeonsanddragons @artscouncilireland @rteplayer @creativeireland

Our Second Hothouse film to feature is ‘Spokes and Robbers’ directed by @emmanuel_li_
The film tells the story of runaway sisters Isabel and Violet who drift, grift and shoplift in the hopes of skipping town. But an ironic twist of fate on the eve of their great escape sees them stranded in the marshes, where they reckon with their relationship, futures and places in the world.
Emmanuel is from London and was the Fresh International winner in 2020. We are so excited to see what’s next for this very talented filmmaker. To watch ‘Spoke and Robbers’ go to the RTE Player ‘Fresh Screens”
#freshfilm #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear #freshfilmfestival #youngfilmmaker #newtalent @rteplayer @artscouncilireland @bfifilmacademy @futurefilmfestival

This week we are going to take a closer look at the 4 Hothouse films made earlier this year!
What is Hothouse? Fresh Hothouse is an annual development programme supported by RTE. Hothouse brings together the best of young filmmaking talent, working with some amazing filmmakers such as Jim Sheridan, Dearbhla Walsh, Lance Daly and last year Sarah Gavron.
2021 was our first International Hothouse. We provided funding to four young filmmakers to help them realise their films.
First up is ‘Little Moments’ directed by Oisin McKeogh. Beautifully shot, Little Moments reveals several events that help to shape the adolescence of a teenage girl in rural Ireland. Be sure and check it out on the RTE Player under ‘Fresh Screens”

#freshfilm #youthfilmfestival #talentedyouth #irelandsyoungfilmmakeroftheyear @rteplayer @artscouncilireland

Interested in working with Fresh Film & Fresh International Film Festival?

Running for over twenty five years, Fresh International Film Festival is for young filmmakers.

Held in Limerick, Ireland each Spring it includes the prestigious Irelands Young Filmmaker of the Year competition, workshops and screenings involving young people from Ireland and across the globe.

Various opportunities arise as part of the festival and other activities with Fresh Film and we are creating a panel from which we can build teams for the 2022/23 programme and into the future. We are looking for:

Arts project managers
Event organisers
Film workshop facilitators – in any film skill
Social Media
Press Officer
Technicians and Projectionists

If you would like to work with us, please send us your CV with a cover letter referencing your expression of interest to be on the panel by November 19th.
In accordance with best practice and our Child Welfare Policy, selected applicants will be required to interview, provide references and be Garda vetted.

Applications by email only to: #irishfilm #youthfilm #youthfilmfestival #youngfilmmakers #freshfilm

Excited to share our new image for Fresh 2022! Thanks again to the talented @alemercadodraws. Now what are you waiting for? Get out those cameras 🎥 🎬🎞

Amy Rowan Casting and the Engine Short Film Scheme are looking for two Limerick-based teenage boys, aged 15-17, to star in an upcoming short film 'Sour Milk'. Those interested should send their name, age and location to

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Our interview with Fresh Alumni @chrisoneill2020!

1. Intro – Who you are? Background of yourself? Where are you from?

My name is Chris O’Neill. I had films screened at the Fresh Film Festival in 1999 and 2000, when I was 17 and 18 years old. I was burn in The Netherlands, mother is Irish, father is British, and have been based in Ireland since I was 10 years old.

I’ve tried my hand at all kinds of filmmaking such as narrative, documentary, music videos, but lately I’ve been focussing on video essays, experimental films, and cutting trailers.

2. As a filmmaker what is your favourite part of the process? What stories are you most inspired to tell?

I think the editing is where I’m most comfortable – and, to me honest, most skilled at, if I am to be critical of my own work. Stories is a tricky one, many of my films are not story based, but I guess I find myself drawn to past periods rather than the present, in style/thinking if not literally in setting, and character-personality driven, even my more abstract stuff usually feature human faces/voices.

3. Do you have any tips for young filmmakers?

Be truthful with yourself and try and figure out what area you have a passion for, and follow it. Besides focussing on being a director, editor, writer, etc. seriously consider what kind of films you want to make – narrative, documentary, video essay, whatever it might be – and go with it.

4. What impacted did Fresh have on your life or your career as a filmmaker?

Well after years of thinking about it – I made for very first film ‘White Star’ because I had heard about the festival and thought I’d give it a go! So it encouraged me to start making movies.

5. What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

I’m being commissioned to create video essays and trailers for Blu-Ray and DVD companies in America, Australia and Britain, which is exciting. British Film Institute asked me to do one on the Irish film Maeve (1981) and a shorter version can be viewed online:

#freshfilm25 #alumnispotlight

Join us tomorrow(from anywhere) as our panel discuss making films in languages other than English. Speakers @itsmichaelkeane @gabibania @nicliamo Book 👉 #cruinniúnanóg #freshfilm25 #creativeireland #limerickartsandculture

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