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2022 Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the three categories Junior winners  Ireland’s Junior Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022: ​​Lucy and Ruby Hand with LYCS Youth Work Programme James Joyce Street, Dublin– The Litter Picker. 2nd Place: Aaliyah McDermott, Dublin
Dublin –  The Boy Under the Bedr?! 3rd Place: 6th Class Scoil San Phroinsias, Galway
– The Appliances Make a Stand. Senior Winners – Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year Sean Treacy for The Least I Can Do […]

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Fresh Film encourages young Filmmakers and Empowers them as artists

Fresh Film runs programmes throughout the year under five headings; Fresh Events, Fresh Education, Fresh International, Fresh Production and Fresh International Film Festival featuring Ireland’s Young Filmmaker Awards. 

Fresh Film encourages young people to make films and empowers them as artists.

Make. Watch. Share. Inspire

Thank you for your submissions for Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022

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Celebrating Young film makers

Hothouse Programme
"I liked the process of giving drafts of scripts or cuts of the edit to a “funder” for feedback. Having a budget was also a great help and allowed me to increase the production value of the film compared to other films I’ve made before, and helped me to develop budgeting skills and think more clearly about how money is spent during production of a film."
Cruinniú na nÓg Programme
"I love all aspects of the film experience. Particularly the practical skills that we developed such as using cameras, mics, lighting and editing. Also the social aspect of collaborating with like minded young people."
"Fresh Film is a superb help to me as I embark on what is a new journey/module for TY"
Secondary Teacher
"We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop... Events like this are a real treat for the children and a great learning experience."
Primary Teacher
Young Filmmakers Day
"What I found very interesting was how every masterclass was done different to the other, and how I learned things I didn't know before."
Young Filmmaker
Young Filmmakers Day
"The day was very insightful and informative so thank you again."
Young Filmmaker

Engaging film programmes



The Hothouse Project at Fresh with RTÉ responds to the needs of advanced and award winning young filmmakers who work alone or in isolation and it aims to provide an intensive filmmaking experience. This programme is designed to challenge and advance film knowledge and skill. In the past Lance Daly, Dearbhla Walsh, Donal Foreman, John Butler, Sarah Gavron, and Jim Sheridan have given masterclasses as part of this programme. The aim of the Hothouse is to support and promote the next generation of filmmakers by giving young independents a safe creative space in which to develop ideas and projects.
Cruinniú na nÓg | You Judge It Limerick

Cruinniú na nÓg | You Judge It Limerick

Join our largest You Judge It jury in your classroom. The winners of this jury will be announced on Saturday 11th June. This special edition You Judge It is for Limerick City and County.
You Judge It

You Judge It

Find out how our juries work and host your own jury. We send links, information, a voting form and guidelines on how to host your You Judge It. Email for more information.


Are you thinking of working in film but are unsure of what you can do on set? This series of short introductions to working in film is for you. Each segment highlights a role on a film crew. Keep an eye on our social media for the posts. The full programme will be available through IFI’s Careers in Screen.
IFI Careers in Screen

IFI Careers in Screen

Are you aged 15 -18 and interested in a career in Film? If so, the IFI Careers in Screen is for you. For information and workshops and to check out .

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In 2005, Glen Lambert won Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year for his short, 'The Vent'.

When Sean stays at his mother's apartment for the weekend, he begins to hear the voice of a beautiful young girl through the vent in his room. He uses her conversations to his advantage to get a date with the girl 💕

Watch the full film at the link in our Instagram Story!

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Matilda Crowther from Australia won Best International Documentary at this years festival, and it’s clear to see why…

This personal and honest account of Matilda’s journey to acceptance as a trans male is a moving and visually stunning lesson in owning one’s identity 🏳️‍⚧️

Watch ‘A Square Peg’ in full on our YouTube channel!

@artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70


'MOMSTER' won Best International Animation at Fresh International Film Festival 2016 🖼

This impressive and highly skilled animation was created by three students at Gyeonggi Arts High School in South Korea 🇰🇷

It tells the story of a mom who is tired of housework and company work, until finally, she snaps… 😈

Watch the full film on our YouTube channel!

@artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70

Fresh alumni @seantreacyfilm recently released his Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2022 winning short film, ‘The Least I Can Do’ 🍿

You can check out Sean’s amazing work on his YouTube channel by clicking the link in our bio!

@artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70


In 2016, ‘What Day is Today?’ took second place in the international competition.

Directed by Colectivo Fotograma, the films hears the testimonies of older Portuguese people about 40 years of dictatorship and 40 more of fable-like democracy 🇵🇹

A super interesting watch – check it out in full on our YouTube channel or at the link in our story! 🍿

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Are you following Fresh on TikTok? 💁‍♀️

Visit us at the link in our bio!

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Hope you’re all catching some rays today! 🏄🏻‍♂️

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This one takes a turn! ‘Wired!’ took third place at Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2012, and for good reason! 🤯🎵

Check out the full film (or should we say opera) on our YouTube channel! Link in bio 🎬

@kevinor111 @artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70

Can you believe it's been three months since Fresh International Film Festival 2022?! 😲

You know what that means… Time to start working on your 2023 entries!!! 🤔 ⏰

@artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70

@limerickyouthdance and Garryowen Youth Together Project gave an amazing performance at the People's Park earlier this month as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2022! 🕺

@limerickarts #cruinniunanog #cruinniunanog2022 #limerick #limerickcity

We are delighted to bring you the Cruinniú Film Squad's coverage of Cruinniú na nÓg Limerick 2022! 🎥 💚 🤍

The film squad was one of many brilliant opportunities available on the day, where young people got to know the in's and out's of filmmaking and reporting under expert guidance! 🎬

@limerickarts @shanevaughanart #cruinniunanog #cruinniunanoglimerick #filmmaking #limerick #freshinternationalfilmfestival

Fresh Film Festival’s 2022 Junior International winner, Sara Abedi from Iran for her film 'Snoring', received her award pack today and sent Fresh this lovely message that we just had to share with you all! 🎬❤️

Thank you Sara, and congratulations!!! ⭐️

@artscouncilireland #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70

Presenting the Cruinniú na nÓg Limerick 'Lego Film of Madness'! 🤯 🧱

This epic piece was made by Limerick's Cruinniú kids with the help of @shamrockbricks, as part of Cruinniú na nÓg 2022 earlier this month!

@limerickarts #limerick #cruinniúnanóg #cruinniúnanóglimerick #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking


Have you seen Hidden Potential, the winning senior film of Ireland's Young Filmmaker of the Year 2017? 🎬

This brilliant work by Dublin's Eamonn MacMahon, in association with the Dylexia Association of Ireland, explored the difficulties of Dylexia in everyday life and was a huge hit, showing at film festivals across the world, from Dublin to Warsaw and even Los Angeles! 🏆 👏

Watch the full film on our Youtube channel at the link in our bio! 🍿

@artscouncilireland @eamonnmacmahon #freshfilm #freshinternationalfilmfestival #film #filmmaking #artscouncilat70

🚨Online Filmmaking Workshops 🚨

During the pandemic, Fresh International Film Festival produced a series of informative online workshops covering everything from animation to FX makeup, optical toys to costume and props – presented by a host of industry insiders! 🎞

Not sure if you’ve seen them all? Good news! They are still available on our YouTube page, and we will also be sharing snippets of each workshop here. Get ready to learn! 😍 🤓 🎬

Next up is a ‘Prop and Costume’ workshop with @lumenstreettheatre founders Martin Shannon and Giordana Giache! Lumen's goal is to revitalise the arts in Limerick communities by collectively creating art through artistic outreach programs, workshops and community participation 🎨

To watch the full workshop, visit the Fresh International Film Festival Youtube page at the link in our bio!

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…so that was fun!

Cruinniú na nÓg 2022! An amazing day of creative activity for Limerick’s young people. What a blast ❤️

@limerickarts @creativeireland #creativeireland #cruinniúnanóg #limerick #creativity


Thank you to the Limerick primary schools for their You Judge It classroom jury votes. The winner of the junior competition is….

Colours (Croatia), by Ema Andrec, Duje Mandić & Vilina Benčević! 👏

Congratulations! 🏆⭐

@limerickarts @creativeireland #cruinniunanog #creativeireland #limerick

🍿 Update on our Cruinniú na nÓg Wizard of Oz screening 🍿


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