We are working with RTÉ, Ireland’s National Broadcaster, to present a collection of award winning and mentored films to wider audiences.

Visit RTÉ Player to view the collection of ten films produced as part of the Hothouse programme by young filmmakers in Ireland, the UK and Poland. The films are suitable for teenage viewers and tackle a mixture of subjects.

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Annual Showcase

How would you start to make a film? How do you get ideas? Watch the award winning films from Ireland’s Young Filmmaker of the Year 2021 and hear tips and thoughts from the young filmmakers themselves. Hosted by Clare Dunne, this  45 minute showcase is a great way to get ideas for your next film. Available here https://watch.eventive.org/ificareers/play/61a10be0a8623e004c26c8a4?m=1
Our thanks to the young filmmakers, the leader, the Arts Council and the IFI for their support to make this programme


Are you thinking of working in film but are unsure of what you can do on set? This series of short introductions to working in film is for you. Each segment highlights a role on a film crew. Keep an eye on our social media for the posts. The full programme will be available through IFI’s Careers in Screen.

IFI Careers in Screen

Are you aged 15 -18 and interested in a career in Film? If so, the IFI Careers in Screen is for you. For information and workshops and to check out your options see https://ificareers.eventive.org .

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