Fresh International Film Festival Day 2

April 16, 2024
The Iron Giant
Screening | Belltable | 10:00 This classic feature is an animated adaptation of Ted Hughes' story, set in a 1960s American town. A young boy, Hogarth, befriends a colossal, friendly robot from space. The film explores themes of law, order, politics, friendships, historical periods, technology, robots, and artificial intelligence. Director Brad Birt USA • 1999 • 86 minutes • English • Drama To book a group contact [email protected]
Costume for Film
Workshop in the classroom | Thomond Community College | 10:00 Tara Knol (Prometheus, Foundation, Game of Thrones) will lead a workshop for secondary school students in Costume Design taking them from concept to creation using examples from her exceptional career in the industry.

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